May 7, 2018

Instagram Photographers

Written by: velvetculture


There are over 500 million active users on Instagram. This makes it extremely difficult to find unique and interesting content. Furthermore, users who follow their favorite IGers expect daily updates. So if everyone abides by this rule you need to sort through 500 million images daily.

The Staff at Velvet Culture has started seeing a change in how we IG. Primarily artists are focusing on quality rather than quantity. We all have a favorite music group, would it be practical for them to release a new song everyday? Of course not, so we should not expect this from our photographers either.

Certainly there are some instances where daily post can be fun and interesting. Your favorite celebrity showing off their daily life. This gives you the opportunity to take a peek into a world you would not otherwise have access to.

@ViolantePhotography has traveled to over 50 countries to capture scenic landscapes and urban terrain. He has a brand new Instagram which will focus on Art Photography. He is currently working on several photo-series which will be released over the next few months.