July 2, 2014

The Girls of Candy Rock Couture

Written by: velvetculture

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Like a maestro to an orchestra, designer Harmony Corbett of Candy-Rock Couture is to fashion, in her unyielding effort to express art. From a strand of hair to the miniscule detail of make-up, no imperfection is left unscathed.

On Sunday I was invited to film a fashion shoot for her upcoming cosmetics line. I was purely acting in the capacity of an observer, voyeuristically capturing behind the scenes pieces that are often never seen.

Harmony was accompanied by her photographer Eduardo Suarez and exquisitely gorgeous models Eri Dailine, Jinxi Rabbit and Tina Zadra, all of which have been with her for many years. They have formed a small tight knit family — cult — which is dedicated to furthering the agenda of alternative forms of fashion and modeling.

Additionally, each of these girls have skills in other areas of creativity. Eri Dailine is a singer, Jinxi Rabbit is a tattoo artist and Tina Zadra is a MUA (Make-up Artist).

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